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The Western Australian Sexology Society was formed in 1986 and Incorporated (Inc) in 1987.


The Western Australian Sexology Society Inc (WASS) is an organisation dedicated to the study, understanding, education, enhancement and community acceptance in the diversity of human sexuality.


WASS is based in Perth, Australia and has been operating within its current structure since 1986, though there has been a sexology organisation in Perth since 1979.


WASS is affiliated with the Australian Institute of Sexology Inc, the World Association of Sexual Health, as well as International sexology organisations and other relevant organisations.


Sexology simply means the study, understanding and education of sexuality.


At this site you will find information on the Society, seminars and events to be conducted, membership information, some information on research conducted within sexology and links to many other similar sites.


We have attempted to make this site user friendly and would appreciate any constructive comments on the layout design and content of this site.


Any person who agrees with the objectives of WASS Inc can become a member. See membership page.


Please take your time to look around and if you like the idea of belonging to a sexology network and professional organisation apply for membership and get involved in what you are interested in.


MORE about WASS:


History of WASS

The Western Australian Sexology Society (WASS) was established and incorporated in 1986 by a group of professionals who worked broadly in the area of sexology within Western Australia.


The Society was formed to provide a network, support structure, information dissemination and a professional association for those people working in the field of sexology and an information association for those who have a strong interest in the area of sexology.


Sexology is the scientific study of sexuality and includes social construction, innate dispositions, life-span issues, desire, sensuality, expression, choice, education, and many other aspects.


Over the years there has been a wide variety of professionals and other people associated with WASS: counsellors, educators, nurses, medical practitioners, group workers, health workers, researchers, priests, students, and many others including interested community members.



WASS is based on the principles of the dignity and worth of the individual.


WASS believe that any form of sexual expression between consenting people (in Western Australia over the age of 16 years old) is acceptable and that any person, regardless of their gender, orientation, or cultural background has the right to enjoy their own sexuality whilst recognising and respecting the rights of other people.


Therefore, WASS is committed to the development of self, positive sexuality, to increasing social awareness of sexuality and maintaining high ethical standards of services within the sexology field.



WASS has many operating principles and these can be viewed in the constitution (click here to dowload).


The fundamental principals that underpin WASS are those contained in the latest declaration of Universal Sexual Rights 2014



Objectives of the Society


1. To promote professional development in the area of human sexuality.


2. To advance the scientific study of all aspects of human sexuality.


3. To promote the exchange of ideas, information and resources about human sexuality.


4. To arrange, provide for or to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, public meetings, professional meetings, lectures and classes               on human sexuality.


5. To arrange, provide for or to participate in providing for scientific research in sexology.


6. To initiate and or support the publication of professional and educational material on human sexuality.


7. To promote community knowledge and acceptance of human sexual behavior and attitudes.


8. To promote and or provide information on services available in the area of sexuality.


9. To promote the concept of equality and the right of the individual to make choices about their own sexuality without infringing the rights of                   others.


10. To promote philosophical and political debate in the area of human sexuality.


11. To be active in promoting legislative change where appropriate.


12. To initiate or sponsor any other activities which relate to the objects of the Society.



WASS Board of Management

WASS Inc. is a Western Australian Incorporated not-for-profit Organisation, that is operated in line with guidelines set in the Incorporations Act and is governed by the WASS Inc Constitution through the Board of Management chosen from the membership at the Annual General Meeting of WASS, usually held in September of each year.


                      All membeship fees and monies raised by WASS Inc are put back into the work of WASS supporting,

developing and hosting sexology events in Western Australia.

Who is currently on the Board of Management 

The current WASS Board of Management for 2017-2018 are:

President: Dr Gareth Merriman, position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Vice President: Mr Ryan Gay, position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Treasurer: Mr Hugh Collin, position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Secretary: Ms Mary-Rose Tomei: position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Ordinary Member: Ms Sandra Basham, position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Ordinary Member: currently vacant and the Board will put out expressions of interest in December 2017

Student Representative: Ms Laura Milosavljevic, position up for election at AGM Sept 2019

Board meetings are usually the first Wednesday of every second month and any person is welcome to attend even if you are not a Board member, but you will need to confirm your attendance with the Secretary through

WASS believes that being totally transparent in operation and processes is the easiest and most respectful manner to run an incorporated organisation.

Member’s input into all aspects of WASS is always appreciated and questions, ideas and feedback can be sent to the WASS Secretary at:

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