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This WASS website is about sexology, positive sexuality, diversity, sexual health, education events and much more about the organisation and what we do and offer ...

About WASS


The Western Australian Sexology Society was formed in 1986 and Incorporated as a not for profit organisation in Western Australia in 1987.


The Western Australian Sexology Society Inc (WASS) is an organisation dedicated to the study, understanding, education, enhancement and community acceptance in the diversity of human sexuality.


WASS is based in Perth, Australia and has been operating within its current structure since 1986, though there has been a sexology organisation in Perth since 1979.


WASS is affiliated with the Australian Institute of Sexology Inc, the World Association of Sexual Health, as well as other International sexology organisations and other relevant organisations.


Sexology simply means the study, understanding and education of sexuality.


At this site you will find information on the Society, seminars and events to be conducted, membership information, some information on research conducted within sexology and links to many other similar sites.


We have attempted to make this site user friendly and would appreciate any constructive comments on the layout design and content of this site.


Any person who agrees with the objectives of WASS Inc can become a member.


Please take your time to look around and if you like the idea of belonging to a sexology network, a community and professional organisation, apply for membership and get involved in what you are interested in.


If you are wanting loads of information about sexology topics join our facebook page where lots of links are posted:



WASS membership is available to anyone who agrees with the objectives of the society and currently, we are doing a membership drive through cutting the cost of membership in half and giving membership until 31st December 2020.


Click button below or above tab to check out the membership page with further information, fees, payment options etc

Events & Conferences


WASS provides the community, people interested in sexology and health professionals the opportunity to attend regular presentations on the broad topics within sexology.


These events vary greatly from month to month but there are usually two events per month:


Some past Presentations:  

  • The impact of breast cancer and treatment on sexuality.

  • Sexological bodywork.

  • Enhancing intimacy and sexual pleasure.

  • Communication for the intimate, sexual couple.

  • Polyamory.

  • Religion and sexuality.

  • Dealing with jealousy.

  • Sexual violence.

  • Sex and drugs - what helps and what doesn't.

  • Older age sexuality.

  • Internet pornography and censorship.

  • How to assist a child to teenager to understand positive sexuality.

  • Sex Work.

  • Disability and sexuality.

  • Male sexual arousal

  • Gender bending, intersex and transgender.

  • Understanding fetishes.

  • What is BDSM?

  • and many many more! 


Past filmshows:

where we watch a movie/doco and then have discussion at the end of it ....

  • Kinsey

  • Lolita

  • Striptease

  • Whore

  • Fetish

  • Scarlet Road

  • The Sessions

  • and many many more!


Past seminars:

  • The need of a Gender Centre in WA

  • Sexuality and disability

  • Facilitated Sexual Activity

  • Update on HIV/AIDS

  • Sex work and the Law

  • and many many more



  • New Directions in Sexology

  • Diversity in Sexology 


Click and check out Events page ......



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